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If like me, wenn golf is your passion and you value beautiful and rare work ... hand made in France, here you have the possibility
contribute directly as sponsor / donor / friend for the development of prestigious and rare putters "Johnny Hartwig"
As you have found this can see  that  this is not an adventure or a uncertain project.... hight expertise and art are provided , the exceptionals products are here.



some models of crystal putters gemms.... Johnny Hartwig..
This crowdfunding are created only to give a new bearings and especially to provide the production workshop with materials
and very specific tooling to manufacture prestige putters. If I make my crystal putters entirely  by hand to the unit,
However, some secondary operations require the same tooling for serial production ....
machining of precious wood, claying ovens, sandblasting, adjustment tools, gilding, engraving etc etc ....

Will be answered by mail with a receipt to each donor, regardless of the amount.
In addition, and depending on the amount, the donor / sponsor may be "thanked" by an art  and signed object of my workshop.
This object Art can go be a "Putter Johnny Hartwig" unique and dedicated ...

So if you are willing to support a rare and prestigious manufacturing exceptional putters ... send your emails and questions to


Cristallerie Jean Hartwig  Master of Art

1010, Rue de la Nivelle.45200. AMILLY. FRANCE

Mail   :