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The technical characteristics of the crystal putters "Johnny Hartwig"

In  the first time, the idea  to make a crystal putter out standards and prestigious, came a few years ago. In fact as soon as I started playing the little white ball ... The putting principle is simple: it is a transfer force between  two  mass. It is a kinetic force generated by the mass of the putter at impact to project the golf ball a few meters on the green. Full control back to the golfer.
The aim ultimately is to manufacture crystal putters, which was within the field of my art.Lead crystal, very dense, clear and bright issue from alchemy and fire has always been perceived as a fragile and brittle material at the slightest touch! Then from there to make a golf club ... .. inconceivable !!  Finding this idea crazy , but loving the technical challenges considered as impossible ....
I have imposed upon myself the challenge ... and have materialized. All research work is protected by legislation (industrial property, patent etc.

My research consisted at first, to take as a basis of comparison what was best for the masses namely putters ...> titanium.
This metal has a density of 4.51 Kg / Dm3. A hardness of 5 on the scale of Mosh. A Young's modulus of 114.
My putter heads are made with a crystal of which the mixture is calculated to obtain a optimal density from 3 to 4.5 Kg / Dm3. Substantially the same of titanium.
The Young's modulus of the crystal is 48 - 49. It has no practical impact, there are not twisting to master.
The resistance to crushing of the crystal : 865 Nmm2 is sufficient  to putt without problems.
The kinetic force generated during the putt by the mass of the crystal briskly enough to project the ball (standard = 46 grams) beyond the limits of existing greens on most golf’s in the world. The Mosh hardness calculated crystal drops to 3.23. The crystal is a softer material than titanium, which therefore generates a "shock" when putting softer ... The transfer of force between the crystal and the ball at impact becomes softer, more "sensitive" giving an impression of impact shock "amortized... for the same putt distance.
It is a characteristic sought by many golfers who play "feeling" with a pendulum action during putting.
My crystal putters are "heavy" type. The mass of the head (between 350 and 500 g depending on model) engenders a well straight path when swinging (with pendulum action). This is very effective in small "putts" below 2 meters.
The putter "heavy" could be a "possible solution" to players suffering from yips ... this remains a question I leave open ..
My putters are endowed (or not) of a crystal"head pommel" end grip >  see the " sceptre "™ . Decorative and exclusive certainly, but it has a well defined and significant technical role. The pommel which sometimes has a mass equivalent to half that of the head, moves the balance point of the putter to central shaft. This avoids the "lever moved" and provides a feeling of stability to grip. Some golfers use the head support as abdominal  support. A style adopted by many amateur and professional players on the golf places arround the world
. My Putters are not "belly's"..   the standard size is 37 ".

Jean HArtwig   Jean HArtwig


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Another small and unique advantage of my crystal putters: the positioning> The weight allows good "feel" the flattening of the head. Depending on the incident light and the machining of the crystal block, the (s) relate (s) of light emerging from the front face is parallel to the bottom of this face. In case of bad positioning, this bright line is not parallel, indicating that the putter is not flat ... This is based on the scattering of light through the cut facets of the crystals and other gems . This is the principle of unique "optical signature" for diamonds. A little nicer, subject to vagaries of the weather ... of course. Having tested various prototypes during my first course, I must nevertheless mention one small point: The crystal faces (like the metalics)are likely to "wipe" the impact by the sand that would have remained on balls in wet weather or rehabilitation greens example (sand deposit after coring).
But any golfer knows, or apply the usual ritual ... that any ball on the green ... is marked and systematically wiped ..Just do the same for the crystal putter, and put the protective cover to walk to the next hole. > To avoid the " kling kling" in the bag .... I'm playing over one year in all bad weather conditions with my Crystal Putter, the result  : nothing on the faces of my  crystal gem Putter.

In addition, and upon request, I can be machined / cut anti impact surface scratches on my putters.
Now we can have the most sophisticated putter in the world, in the end it is always the golfer to adjust and control his putter ... never the opposite!

 But one thing is certain: your "Johnny hartwig" putter will be unique, a rare prestigious and fabulus putter, and I give all my Master Craftsman Art skills to make it ..

In conclusion :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

I I make prestige and luxury putters, they are all unique with different shape and weight. Each crystal block is created,cut, and polished by hand according to the rules of the art of crystal in my workshop. Each putter is signed individually, has an allocation number and a certificate of origine. It is primarily an "art object", prestigious, like a unique jewelery  and made entirely by hand in my atelier..
Whether for play or as a trophy, a putter "Johnny Hartwig" is the ultimate of the genre.    Created and directed by a golfer for golfers ...

a prestigious and extraordinary  crystal Putter,  a must of rare, wonderfull and personal   putter !

All my putters can be personalized on inquiry, on a manufacturing steps according to the desires of each, shaft, grip, knob etc ... ..

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